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Fun Toy #2: Team Associated TC3   Sep 1, 2003 @ 10:10 PM

Picture of my Associated TC3

This is a shot of my Associated TC3 R/C, a 1/10th scale touring car. The scale on this car makes it 17 inches long from end to end with the body on.

This car is a 4 wheel drive car, and uses a driveshaft to transfer power from the motor at the rear of the car to the wheels at the front. Naturally, it features fully proportionate steering.

Larger R/C's like this are much more sophisticated than their smaller Mini-Z cousins. Besides being 4 wheel drive, it also features 4 wheel independant suspension using oil-filled coil-over shocks and a ton of adjustments like front toe-in, tire camber, etc. These are truly racing machines. A car this size, with the proper setup, can easily go 30 mph.

The real fun of this car is in it's 4 wheel drive and racing slick tires, which allow you to throw it around a course, power sliding through the turns. No worries about flipping the car, since it's extremely low center of gravity and aerodynamic body make it hug the ground.

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