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NFI Tool: Simple Archiver   Updated: Apr 1, 2013 @ 12:17 pm
NFI Tool is a simple little archiver tool that bunches files up into one place. No compression of any kind is done (been meaning to add that). The primary use for this tool is games that want to package all of their data files up into a single file.

The tool itself is a fairly complex WinZip type tool, allowing you to add, delete and move files inside the archive, preview the contents, extract files to disk, etc.

As usual, all source files are included, including a help file that tells you how to work the tool, as well as complete context sensitive help. Also included is a piece of sample code explaining how to get your program to read it's data files either from the local filesystem, or if the file isn't found there, from an NFI archive.

NEW! (Nov 14/2004)

Now included on the page is a linux version of the tool. This is a command line version instead of a gui version, but does contain the ability to execute several commands in succession before writing out the new archive. A man page is included in the archive to fully explain the tool and it's operation.

Unlike the windows version, no help is provided for reading an archive, so you will need to download that one to get that information.

The linux version requires SDL to be installed because it uses some SDL types. If you don't have SDL, some simple typedefs and #define directives will obviate the need for it. I was just too lazy to do that on my own.

[ Download NFI.zip ] [ Download WinLib.zip (required to compile) ] [ Download nfitool-1.0.0.tgz ]

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