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Fun Toy #1: Kyosho Mini-Z   Sep 1, 2003 @ 10:08 PM

Picture of my Kyosho Mini-Z's

This is a shot of my two Kyosho Mini-Z's. I left the body off the one on the left just to give a quick glimpse of what it looks like under there. The body for the car on the left is identical to the one on the right, but is silver instead of black (though the convertible roof is still black on it).

The scale on these is 1/24, which makes them just 7 inches in length. The batteries that you can see are AAA's, just to give a sense of scale. The radio in each car works on a different frequency, so that we can race them side by side. Of course, these look like normal R/C toys, but they're quite different.

Like all hobby R/C cars, these feature fully proportionate steering, which of course means that you can turn the wheels a little or a lot, as opposed to toy R/C cars which generally just offer full left or full right steering. In addition, you can change the gearing on the car to change acceleration/top speed characteristics. With the proper gearing, the best speed is approximately 10-15 miles per hour (who knows what that is in kilometers? not me).

Because these are rear wheel drive and they have a very short wheelbase, it is very easy to make them do a donut so tight that they seem to just spin in place. Unlike the bigger TC3 that I have, it is very hard to powerslide them around a corner, as they tend to flip easily.

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