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Fun Toy #3: Tomy BitChar-G   Sep 1, 2003 @ 10:11 PM

Picture of my Tomy BitChar-G

This is a shot of my Tomy BitChar-G. What scale is this? I have no idea. How about "Damn Small" Scale. That shiny coin you can see in the picture is a quarter. The car is 2 1/2 inches long.

This particular car is a rear wheel drive, using a tiny little electronic motor the size of a pencil eraser that is normally used to power the vibration unit in cellphones. Unlike the other R/C vehicles highlighted on the page, this car is a simple 6 direction vehicle. That means, no proportional steering or acceleration.

Even given the "un-sophistication" of this car, it's still quite cool, given it's tiny little nature. Perfect for racing around coffeecups on your desk. Which brings me to the notion of power. The car contains a tiny little NiCad rechargable battery. By flipping open the right side of the controller, you expose little contacts. The car snaps on here, and recharges it's battery using the power from the controller (2 AA batteries). This takes about 45 seconds. Once the charge light goes out, there is enough power to drive the car for 5 or more minutes.

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